A Method, Book, and Platform that gives you the power to change your workplace.

Our newest book „Culturivy: The Power of Changing a Workplace” is already live!

The Platform

Culturivy Platform for HR is the place to grow in HR. It is a community for Polish HR professionals, where they find a space to gain knowledge and practical tools, as well as discuss problems.

The Book

„Culturivy: The Power of Changing a Workplace” – the first book on the market about the Culturivy®, our proprietary method of building organizational cultures.
Planned release date: September 2023.

The Method

Our proprietary method of scaling organizational cultures to prevent repetitive problems in building the best and most successful organizations.

About the Book

“Culturivy: The Power of Changing a Workplace”
An Essential Guide to Making People Your Business Strength

Although 100% of leaders claim the People area is crucial for their company, the same 100% want to hand it over to someone else because of how difficult it is to competently manage. Leaders don’t have the energy, time, or competence to lead the People area in their organizations. 

As we helped more than 80 companies so far, we are absolutely sure about three things:

  1. People-related problems in organizations are repeatable and there’s no need to be alone with them.
  2. They are not a black box. They are caused by many mechanisms that are complex, but not complicated. They can be noticed, described, and managed by everyone who wants to.
  3. People skills are not a talent you’re born with, but can be learned and improved through training.

If you want to know how to smoothly resolve every communication, relation and leadership challenge with People in the workplace, with this book, you’ll have the power to do it!

About the Author

“Culturivy: The Power of Changing a Workplace”
– the book written by Roza Szafranek and HR Hints team

Roza Szafranek – Founder & CEO of HR Hints, Owner & CEO of Culturivy

HR expert with psychological and managerial experience, that has led tech companies from early startup through exit. 

Together with her team, Roza has supported over 100 companies in just two years, helping them to be better in the People area and making it their business strength. 

She is a mentor at 1871 Chicago, P33, TechRise, mHUB Chicago, Founder Institute and InCredibles, Sebastian Kulczyk’s mentoring program. 

She’s been featured on the list of 100 Women of 2022 by Forbes, 100 Most Inspiring Women of the CEE Startup Ecosystem by Vestbee VC, 40 Women in Tech by The Recursive, and Strong Women in IT Global Edition 2021 report. 

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